Triple Phosphate

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Triple Phosphate

Post by mobiledynamics » August 8th, 2020, 3:44 pm

Not sure where the proper subforum is, so here this thread goes in here....

Does super phosphate -really - promote root growth ? Have this used this stuff in years.....if I'm planting somethin, all I do is just amend the bottom with some Espoma Bio Tone.

Anyhow, got with Isaias rolling through, got some trees that got tweaked - semi uprooted.
I've got them restaked and have even thinned off the top a bit to remove some of the weight uptop.

Just thinking outloud, but aside from -time-, any benefit to throwing down some triple super phosphate at this time

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Re: Triple Phosphate

Post by MorpheusPA » August 8th, 2020, 6:21 pm

It's not just Triple Phosphate, it's Triple SUPER PHOSPHATE!

And no, it doesn't really promote root growth unless the soil is short in phosphorus. Which a soil test will tell you. Some soils are. Some soils aren't. If you're within reasonable range, adding it won't do anything for you and may actually cause problems if you send levels too high (although there's a wide range of reasonable).

Most grasses are pretty happy at around 200 pounds per acre. I've set my flower gardens at 1000 pounds per acre, at which point they're bloom factories (P also assists with setting blossom).

However, P is also a potent water pollutant, and should be applied appropriately and carefully in the correct seasons.

I also had problems with my rooting during Isaias, as we discussed (including those lilacs, and if nothing should ever have that problem...) My P levels are perfect. Actually, one of those lilacs is in a section with a P level of 1000. One was in the 200 section.

However, very little is going to hold a small tree against fifty mile an hour winds and seven inches of rain if it has a lot of sail area. And those lilacs of mine had overgrown. My fault.

Here's the bloom factory, photographed today. This is where a garden should be set. But note that I also balance potassium and pour on the nitrogen as well.


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