Renovators: July 1st is Almost Here!!

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Renovators: July 1st is Almost Here!!

Post by andy10917 » June 27th, 2019, 9:14 am

July 1st is almost here, and the "Get Dirty" hard work part of Renovation Season is upon us!!

It's time that you should have all of your seed ready-to-go, and you should have your log thread/topic created in the Lawn Renovations forum. A strong suggestion is that the title of your thread should include your ATY username, the year, and a very-short description of the renovation. Something like "Andy10917's 2019 KBG Renovation" is a good name. Avoid titles like "Starting My Renovation" as you'll be using the thread to document your renovation's progress all the way to Memorial Day 2020 or beyond, and the title of the first posting will be carried to all follow-up postings by default.

In your renovation thread, the first post often contains the text describing what your intent and general plan is -- this will be reference material for folks trying to assist you (and you WILL need assistance!). Regular postings on progress (at least weekly) will also help others help you.

Don't be afraid to document your emotions - when you've killed the lawn and convinced your spouse that all will be OK, the period between seed-down and germination will seem interminable, and "Sprout-and-Pout" is no joy either. You will doubt yourself again and again - that's what we're all here to help with!

Only half-jokingly, it's time to do one other chore - stock the adult-beverage pain killer supplies (actual pain and mental anguish). Below is a picture of an adequately-supplied amount of such items:


So, get that topic and first posting about your intent, lawn-kill date, intended seed-down date and tasks completed done soon! Yesterday would have been a great date to do it, but today is the second-best time to get it done. Having done 6 or 7 renovations, I'll tell you this -- you will get FAR more help from the experienced renovators will a good, well-organized log than you will with a smattering of one-off posts that supply no continuity.

While I made my own mistakes in documenting my renovations, here's a very detailed one I did on a 16K renovation back in 2013. Don't read it all - it's 21 pages of postings and feedback, with 402 posts. But a quick skim will give you some ideas on how it works, and what to include.

Andy's 2013 Backyard Renovation

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