New build and new lawn

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New build and new lawn

Post by Sme29 » August 29th, 2020, 4:28 pm

Last fall after bringing in lots more dirt , (Which I now know was not the best of dirt ) I tore up the lawn and reseeded with a shade mix from superseedstore. I did not kill off anything which I should have done. The lawn is ok for not being a whole year old . Had TruGreen this year just trying to keep the weeds at bay, but now I am fighting a spot of Bermuda ( which has had two treatments of hi yield triclipyr ester) and the common grabgrass and yellow sedge. My question is what should I do first or if any before overseed it. Should I kill with post emergent ( tenacity) all broadleaf weeds and grasses that are spreading quickly? Then scalp lawn and aerate . Then overseed? Or should I put down tenacity close to seed down? Problem with that is the fine fescue in my mix I think is on tenacity list of doesn’t do great with if more than 20% in mix. The mix is radar chewing 29.8% cardinal creeping red 25% gladiator hard fescue 25% and Manama kb 20%.

Should I consider a different approach or product. Leave the weeds and tackle them next spring with pre and post emergents?Thanks for any feedback.

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