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Raising a Poinsettia

Posted: July 18th, 2020, 1:35 pm
by MorpheusPA
I had bought a particularly nice poinsettia last year that bloomed like a champ until May. After that, I cut off the last of the fading blooms and repotted it from the cheap 4" nursery pot into a nicer 6" pot and adjusted it to the outdoors.

Within a month, it outgrew that and needed an 8" pot.

As of this morning, it was potbound and was just repotted into a 10.5" pot. Hopefully that's the last one it needs because it's the largest I currently have on-hand that isn't being used. The plant isn't that big, but it's getting bushy.

Other than, apparently, not feeding it so much, are there any care tips I should know? It's in full sun, and will be pulled in when temperatures cool in late September before any threat of even-rather-chilly weather. I don't particularly care if it blooms on time for Christmas, so I have no intention of forcing it, and I'll be happy with the more-natural February blooming cycle.