Low-cost small DIY system advice

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Re: Low-cost small DIY system advice

Postby g-man » May 19th, 2017, 3:08 pm

I've been busy at work, so I couldnt reply. You are going to need to balance the pattern/radius with the high flow on the 1/2 pipe. Ideally replace the 1/2 with 3/4 copper or 1in PEX (PEX has a smaller ID than copper). I know there is a cost factor to doing this (T, pipe, spigot, etc). The other option is to add a pressure regulator in the basement to control the pressure independent of the spigot. Another option is to add a ball gate valve to use as the open/close and not to touch the spigot.

This site recommends not going above 6GPM on 1/2 copper to keep the flow at less than 7fps. https://www.irrigationtutorials.com/gpm ... er-source/ and more info on water hammer here: https://www.irrigationtutorials.com/waterhammer.htm

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