Tips on how to water my 3,000 sq ft home

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Tips on how to water my 3,000 sq ft home

Post by surfnturf » April 10th, 2019, 1:21 am

I want to properly water my lawn. Last year, I made the mistake of walking around my whole house with a hose. It was tiresome, tedious, and obviously inadequate. I am looking to get something that oscillates.

My local gardening store has this: ... nkler.html

I was reading up on impact sprinklers, like the Hunter PGP ADJ, Hunter PGP Ultra, Hunter I-20 as well as Rainbird sprinklers.

I have a faucet in the front and in the back, so whatever I get, I'd ideally want to be able to run both simultaneously instead of relocating my equipment.

Has anyone used products like what I've mentioned above? The plastic item seems straightforward: connect it to your hose and set it on your lawn.
I've watched videos to see how the Hunter and Rainbird rotors operate, however I have no idea how they are connected to your water source. They seem to be fitted into the ground.

Hopefully you all could give some insight on how these products work and what might be best for me.

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Re: Tips on how to water my 3,000 sq ft home

Post by northeastlawn » April 10th, 2019, 8:28 am

I have a similar situation. I used a semi-permanent solution during my reno a few years ago.

I use battery operated hose end timers with quick disconnect hose ends. I have a three (3) port model, and have the yard setup as zones, the timer activates one zone at a time so the water pressure is never an issues.

I bury the hoses in the mulch bed, and simply remove them every winter. In the summer they stay tucked out of the way until I need them. I use gardena impact sprinkler heads around the edge of the yard.

When i want to water the yard, I attach the hose end timer to the outlet, attach the hoses, set the timer. It takes less than a minute to set it up and put it away.

This year I'd like to get professional sprinkler heads and adapt them to the standard hoses. If all you have is a simple area, it may be all you need.

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Re: Tips on how to water my 3,000 sq ft home

Post by HoosierLawnGnome » April 11th, 2019, 8:45 am

Yes, I did my first renovation with a setup like northeast. It worked well. I had issues with the hose hammering I had to resolve. I didnt bury hoses.

I used a tractor sprinkler that worked well for a while too. You could map a course with the hose and it traversed the path and shut off at the end. Not the most water efficient system but I kinda liked watching it and the big drops it threw out didnt get as impacted by wind, but you did have to set it out and take it up still.

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