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Post by reppend » April 21st, 2018, 3:23 pm

Besides the usual stuff I do every year in the lawn and garden, I always take on something new and make a project out of it. This year is operation “Waterfall”. Pretty much just like it sounds. A mound of dirt and rocks, some other various liners, plumbing, a pump, a few lights, and Voila! A pondless waterfall! Usually there are enough resources on Google, YouTube, and/or in books and magazines from various sources that I use to educate myself to a high level of comfortability. In this case, it feels like it is going to be more of a ‘trial and error until I like it’ type of thing — which is fine, too. I have found a scarce bit of guidance here and there, but was wondering if any of you have thrown your hats into this arena? Any part of it: the rocks (where’d you source them?), the construction (what type of basin, pump, liner did you use?), the surrounding plants (this part is going to be my favorite part, I can already tell. Water plants, rock plants, etc :D ). What worked, what didn’t, etc. Any input is appreciated!

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