Winter/Spring Pre/Post Emer Plan

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Winter/Spring Pre/Post Emer Plan

Post by TheStig335 » September 13th, 2020, 12:13 pm

Hey Everyone,

I am currently in the middle of my first lawn renovation - link is here


With my lawn renovation, I had my original yard stripped of its clayish topsoil and brought in about 90 ton of new topsoil. My new seed is coming up well and the starter fertilizer I put down had Meso in it to help with what weed seeds were starting to germinate early on that came with said new topsoil, but I am seeing it is now starting to wear off in its potency. With that, I am trying to be proactive in my approach to keeping my yard as pure as possible and am somewhat inexperienced in how to approach this. I read up on the triangle approach, but I feel like this is different since I currently don't really have any weeds and am trying to prevent whatever surprises are contained in my soil.

I currently have some Tenacity I was planning on applying after the 6 weeks that was stated on my lawn starter fertilizer as the effective timeframe of the Meso, but I am thinking I should hit my yard again here soon to not let anything have a second chance?

Any advice on what my best approach should be entering the winter and the start of spring would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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