Spring Tenacity Schedule for Fall KBG Reno....

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Spring Tenacity Schedule for Fall KBG Reno....

Post by northeastlawn » March 3rd, 2018, 3:49 pm

Its march and we just had a big Northeaster go through, it dumped a lot of water and started me thinking about the new KBG lawn I have that is about to wake up.

I did a full KBG renovation last August with a combination of Bewitched, blueberry, midnight, and prosperity. I did a final winterizer app when top growth stopped in late November, and think many thin spots filled in once I started spoon feeding it fertilizer in October. Im in OK shape.

I did get a Pre-M app of Dimension down mid October, but I always had POA, and have no doubt it will be back this year even though I put down Tenacity at seed down and one app after it wore off.

I think the POA will wake up before the KBG, any suggestions on when or it I should put down Tenacity to go after any POA that got through the renovation?

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