Schedule for insect control and weed control

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Schedule for insect control and weed control

Post by southern-ct-4 » June 20th, 2018, 4:30 pm

Just curious as to when you guys (in and around CT) put down insecticide and broadleaf weed control.

I'm always reading different recommendations from different sources (Universities, Scotts/Jon green/etc., other websites), and am wondering what actual people do... particularly if it's been working well for you.

I did Prodiamine on 4/9, and a spring weed and feed (which also has dimension in addition to 2,4-D) on 5/17 (in the future I will separate my weed and feed into 2 steps), and am wondering if (and when) I should put down another blanket dose of broadleaf control (2,4-D). Weeds aren't bad right now (yet, anyway), so I may just spot spray, but I have a large yard so if/when a fair amount of weeds crop up (which hopefully they won't) it's easier for me to blanket the yard with a granule.

I did an insecticide on 5/31, but just planning ahead and was thinking of putting down another dose (different ingredient) in a few weeks (as there are still modest amounts of ant hills and springtails around the front steps and deck).

In any case, is there a schedule that you all follow, or do you mostly just put down insecticide and broadleaf control if/when needed?


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