Headway and milorganite Synergy??

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Re: Headway and milorganite Synergy??

Post by Green » July 7th, 2018, 12:55 am

Interesting. I applied Headway to a very small area a few feet in size not too long ago. It also happens that I fertilized with an organic in the past week, but not Milo. The grass is growing moreso in that area. No idea if it's related. I just assumed it was water making it grow faster...I've given the area a gallon of water on top of normal watering, just about every day because of the heat, to help it root as it had been dug up.

The other thing is, if anything, Propiconazole has growth regulation properties.

I always wondered if there was a synergy between Milo and synthetic fert (primarily ammonium sulfate but also urea).

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