Questions from Maryland

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Questions from Maryland

Post by Jeffesmi » April 9th, 2019, 12:57 am

Hi All,

I'm back. Yard is pretty good. Last year had a heck of a time with clover and chickweed, but kept it somewhat under control. Weird weather last year also left my law a bit spotty in places. I'm going to grab a soil report ASAP this week so I know what is what, but with my past problems, I've just gotten to a standard of applying mag-I-cal first thing every year. Now I know you pros will scoff and possibly mock me, but I'm considering this Scotts Thick R Lawn product, but I have a couple of questions if anyone knows anything about it:
  • It does not include any weed control, so what would, would it be most effective to apply weed control 1st, apply both products together, apply Thick R Lawn and then weed control, or something else.
  • It sounds like a good mix of mostly what I need. Fertilizer check, seed check, and soil conditioners check. Is it just cost that would make this "looked down on" by the pros, or are there other downsides to using a multipart product like this?
  • If there is a major reason to not use this product, keeping the same goals: 1) thicken lawn, 2) minimize work, and 3) keep the weeds down, what would be the best way to proceed? i.e. Lime first, seed, fertilizer, wait, weed control or lime, weed control, wait, see, fertilizer or ???
Thanks all. I look forward to your replies.


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