BSF before or after Peat Moss.....

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BSF before or after Peat Moss.....

Post by northeastlawn » May 26th, 2019, 7:08 pm

I have a bunch of bare spots in my KBG lawn from this springs tenacity apps. Mostly from em just pulling it out, but the Tenacity did a good job ID'ing it.

I read on here some where that putting some peat moss down helps keep moisture in and improves spreading. Even if it doesn't, it seems to make the bare spots in the lawn look better :-)

I know its good for the OM, but I am also dropping BSF every week in small doses (1/2 bag rate).

Will the BSF fertilizer break down if its spread over peat moss?

or should I hold off on the peat moss while I'm dropping BSF on a routine basis?

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