Does my spot/overseed plan seem good?

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Does my spot/overseed plan seem good?

Post by Dargin » August 17th, 2020, 4:14 pm

Heya, all. I was hoping for some confirmation that I have my ducks in a row for an upcoming seeding on the 29th. Nothing fancy. Just a neighbor that wants a green lawn. I'll get him here eventually... ;)

Scenario: About 40% of 1k will be seeded with a northern mix. There's -several- scattered dead patches (dogs gone wild, glyphoing grassy weeds). He has oscillators for irrigation and we've done a good job with them this summer. Watering should be spot on.

For the HoC at seed down I was going to gradually bring it down to 1 1/2". I'll also thoroughly water the day before.

Spread seed (w/ soilmoist) at a rate of ~7lbs/k.
Spray tenacity at 4oz/A.
Spread peat at about 1/8"
Gently water.

Rewind: Before the peat and watering, nitrogen...Here's where I might be getting in my own way and could definitely use some advice. At seed down it will be 2 weeks from the last 1/2 dose of milo. I'm really concerned about slow growth diseases throughout the early period of frequent watering; his soil seems to really eat nitrogen, and I've seen rust, red thread and dollar spot in the past.

I was thinking maybe another 1/2 app of milo at seed down (8/29) to bolster the existing turf a bit, but not push growth too hard and increase competition for the seedlings to come. I dont think I'd follow up with N until around the 3-4 tiller stage as I start spoon feeding urea at 1/4 lb N around every 7 days.

I'd also be applying 1oz of propiconazole at that 3-4 tiller stage, and I'd apply 2nd dose of tenacity around day 40, first week of October. I think?

Mowing after seed down: Wait until the inevitable "I think I need to cut it, but dont want to walk on the new stuff" moment. Resist the urge to post a thread about it. Chop it down to 2". Hopefully by the next cut (at 2.5") we'll be cutting the new grass, then just cut as often as we can.

Did I veer off anywhere? Missing anything?
Appreciate any input.

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