Holes and shade issues (maybe) in KBG

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Holes and shade issues (maybe) in KBG

Post by premium747 » September 19th, 2020, 7:16 pm

I’m wondering if this is a fungus or another issue (see pics in link below) in my backyard. It’s a high shade area (only 2 hours of sun), so I’m thinking that may be the issue. It looks like the soil is cracking, so maybe it could be a high clay area –my soil sample indicated that my organic matter is 8%-13% and TEC is around 20, and potassium is on the lower side, so I’m dropping SOP (0-0-60)
Any input would be wonderful. Thanks!

Here are the pictures: https://postimg.cc/gallery/15X0fYS

Also, I woke up this morning to tons of little holes (about 1 inch by 1 inch) in my front yard. Is this a skunk looking for grubs? I'm in Chicago area and its been a bit cool. The holes aren’t tunnels, and I simply place the disturbed grass back over the holes. I’m curious if it’ll grow back, and if I should take any action. Thoughts?

Here are the pictures: https://postimg.cc/gallery/SMTr71F

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Re: Holes and shade issues (maybe) in KBG

Post by edslawn » September 20th, 2020, 10:28 am

On the possible fungus, I'll let the experts comment.

If I were you my focus would be on fundamentals... My recommendation would be to get a soil analysis (make sure it is Logan labs) and get on a soil remediation plan. As soon as you understand the soil chemistry you will be better shape to improve the soil chemistry, strengthen the grass and then look at more tactical options. Looking at the pics, it also seems that trimming trees raise the canopy a bit around the yard is always a good idea. This is a marathon, so patience is best. Resist the urge to start throwing the kitchen sink at your yard. There is a ton of good info on here, so read and learn.

I'm guessing that your holes are squirells getting ready for winter. I have a lot of squirrels going crazy right now and lots of small holes. Think of it as free soil aeration!

Good luck with it!

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