New Fescue Started 8 Weeks Ago Laying Over and Dying

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New Fescue Started 8 Weeks Ago Laying Over and Dying

Post by ultravista » June 23rd, 2021, 7:59 pm

Alpharetta GA - back yard & heavily shaded.

I planted Tall Fescue about 8 weeks ago and have mowed several times now ~ 3.5 to 4 inches. After seeding, I covered the entire area with wheat straw to help w/moisture retention. The area was hit with starter fertilizer.

Before the last week of moderate rain, I kept the new grass area wet, watering twice daily. The yard has a slight slope away from the house. The grass grew fast and looked ok with only a few bare spots.

I am noticing more patches of grass that has laid over and died. The dead grass is very thin and crinkled.

Some areas are thick and doing well while other areas are getting thin and dying. All areas get equal sun, shade, and water.

I am now wondering if the straw was a bad idea, keeping the ground too moist. I ran metal leaf rake over some of the affected areas to let the soil breath.

Attached are a few photos. Looking for help w/diagnosing the problem and hopefully a solution.



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