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What should I do?????? Need help and an weed ID

Posted: August 10th, 2021, 7:56 pm
by knightfan
Hello all been lurking for a while. I am looking to do a nuke on my lawn but need some advise. Here is the back story.

I live in north eastern Ohio. I built my house about 13 years ago and planted Lesco Great lakes blend from a scratch lot. I used round up and killed everything then planted the lesco blend. Believe it or not my lawn turned out great for the first 5 or 6 years without much research or planning. I had a lawn company take care of it because I was young and dumb and honestly I really didnt know or care as long as it was green. Over the years my dog has killed spots and yard projects have happened so I would run down to home depot and grab any seed when necessary. So my yard is a mix of many different varieties although mostly KBG and Rye.

Over the past 2 years I have really been interested in taking care of my lawn myself and find it very satisfying. I have read and watched so much, I feed I can open my own lawn care business. Im not going to but thats how much Ive learned :D. I really want to take my lawn to the next level and I think starting over is my best option.

Last year I had and infestation of bent grass. I did a mini renovation with tenacity and that seemed to take care of the bent spots but what I didnt know is I also have what I think is Poa Triv. The bent is gone but I have smaller light green patches everywhere. I think what happened when I aerated, I basically planted triv everywhere in my lawn. I will upload some pics of what Im dealing with.

My Idea is to round up the lawn next spring (may 1st or a little before), scalp, bring in 3/4 top soil 1/4 sand and level the lawn. (its very bumpy) Then I am going to fallow and kill everything up until August 15th and then begin planting new seed. The stories I read about Triv are crazy. This stuff seems unstoppable.

I am thinking a monostand of mazama because of shade concerns but I am not 100% on that yet.

What do you guys think? Do you think the long fallowing window will get most of the triv seeds to come up? Then hit them with RO multiple times..

Here is my problem child. I think triv but if not its some type of Poa.