Seed Down a little late?

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Seed Down a little late?

Post by Adam_M » September 6th, 2021, 9:22 pm


Between life and a whole lot of drenching rain, I wasn't able to get a section of my yard prepped for seed until this evening. I'm very much hoping to get it down tomorrow. I've got 2 varieties going down - fescue on some low maintenance areas, and KBG on the rest.

A similar set of circumstances a few years ago led to seed down around around this time of year, and the grass took forEVER to establish. It sprouted in the fall, pouted all spring and summer, and didn't really do it's thing until I hit it with Milo every other week the fall after and watered frequently and shallowly as I had overseeded it and was (what turned out to be unnecessarily and futilely) a failure of the new seed but success on the 1 year old turf.

I'm not too concerned about the fescue, given it'll germinate faster, but is there anything i should think about beyond the basics of keeping it wet but not moist at all times and not pushing mother nature?

I'd rather not wait until next fall for this stuff to really establish. I don't want to repeat past mistakes which may have at least partially led to a weak stand of grass that I had to baby for years which ultimately failed in the summer heat last year and got re-seeded (successfully - sort of, the color is bad, and I may start another thread about it) last fall.

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