Who all has put down Pre Emergent?

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Re: Who all has put down Pre Emergent?

Post by YEM » April 21st, 2023, 10:01 am

Green wrote:
April 21st, 2023, 1:49 am
So far, I have applied my first split app of pre-M on less than 6,000 square feet. Additionally, only 0.55K or so has been watered in. Some is Prodiamine, and some is Dimension. I know I'm flirting with being a little late (especially with the Prodiamine as it's less soluble). I recommended to my friend that he get his first app (Dimension) down last week, but I'm not sure if he was able to water it in yet, either. He is slightly South of me, maybe 3-5 days ahead in terms of crabgrass germination time-frames. The good thing about having next to no rain in the last almost 3 weeks is that the soil moisture is getting short, which is going to slow the germination of any crabgrass. We also had temps dip into the high 30s the last two nights, which should also slow it. But this weekend is going to be a substantial rain, so I'm making a mad dash to get the rest of the pre-M done today. I've never been this late that I can recall. (Maybe when I first started 10 years ago and wasn't up on best practices, if ever.)
My dad thinks he’s seen some crabgrass sprouting in some bare spots/cracks this week up in the Hartford area.

I will also be spreading dimension today/tomorrow before the rain. Last year, I applied on the early side and figured I’d hold off a bit this year… then we just didn’t get any rain. I just don’t have the time to drag hoses around (in April) to water stuff in. I’d also planned on using prodiamine, but switching it up.

I’m pretty sure I used to drop Scott’s Haults this late without much of an issue before I switched to dimension/prodiamine in 2020 on the earlier schedule.

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Re: Who all has put down Pre Emergent?

Post by ronfitch » April 21st, 2023, 10:32 am

Put it down Tuesday early evening.

We have had 13 inches of snow in April alone - and were in the 80s for three days last week - so it has been a weird month. I have been checking ground temps since week one (sometimes clearing snow to do it) and checking the online extension sites near me to see what temps they are getting at the 4" and 6" depths. The ground temps were already at 40-45F during daytime hours at that depth in early April.

So the three days in the 80s cleared the last of the snow and even dried things up. Air temps cooled and light rain over the weekend. And the winds - lots of strong winds for most of the day on the days when it was not raining/misting and no reason to try spraying. So, with all of that and ground temps pushing into the 50s, I thought I may have missed it.

Things came together Tuesday early evening. Sunny day, lawn was dry, no wind, ground temps consistently in the upper 40s to 50s most of the day and forecast of lingering light rain Wednesday and Thursday (and it was).

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Re: Who all has put down Pre Emergent?

Post by Green » April 24th, 2023, 8:04 am

Finally got it all applied over the past week or so. Then the rain came the other night...and didn't stop unitl almost 3.75 inches came down. Good for the fright, but probably not so good for pre-M and fertilizer as far as the environment and runoff goes.

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Re: Who all has put down Pre Emergent?

Post by edslawn » April 26th, 2023, 1:01 pm

Dimension went down on April 13th (South Central PA)

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