Zoysia Root Barrier

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Zoysia Root Barrier

Post by chuckrox8 » July 5th, 2018, 10:54 am

I'm in Georgia and I have Zenith Zoysia around my property. It doesn't really migrate much in my backyard, but it creeps outside of my preferred areas in the front a good bit. I have an asphalt drive and the zoysia loves to grow through the edges of it and a mulched area where the grass thrives.

Two questions:

For Georgia and Zoysia grass, how far down do you think I need to dig to fully curtail the creep? After reading around the forum it seems like a barrier 6" deep might be enough, but 8" is probably more full proof.

Most of the home improvement shops just carry barriers suitable for above ground use that are max 6" high. Should I just buy some aluminum or steel siding that's 8/10"?

Suggestions? Thanks!

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