Polar temps

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Polar temps

Post by Riverpilot » January 30th, 2019, 7:01 pm

I hope everyone stays safe out in the world with this polar vortex and COLD temps. Had a record low -26 here, with -55 wind chill. Brrrr...

I spent time looking out the window and found it very interesting all the different types of animals adapted.
Birds, fully fluffed out, would spend time eating, drinking quite a bit of water, then finding sheltered areas out of the wind yet in full sunlight.
I had a own hooting at me last night, probably asking why in the world I was outside. :)

Our resident rabbits live under my back deck. With all the snow, 2 foot plus, they spend a few hours digging themselves out. They have a pretty nice tunnel they created to get in and out.

Hope everyone comes through this ok.

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