Bryan’s Full sun and shade reno

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Bryan’s Full sun and shade reno

Post by bryankloos » September 10th, 2019, 7:12 pm

Hey all,

Hoping for some advice on my recent Reno.
I was hoping to kill off weeds and do a partial Reno/overseed but it seems the weeds had my number and were more difficult than expected.

Here is a rough timeline of what I did, and where I’m at:

August 10. Sprayed tenacity, 2-4 D to kill weeds.
August 16. Gave up and hit the lawn with RU
August 19. Hit the lawn a second time with RU.
August 23 Scalped the lawn and blew all debris and core aerated.
August 30. Slice seeded the 15k yard with about 100 lbs of sun and shade (TTTF, PRG, KBG blend) seed and broadcast a little extra in the more difficult areas.

Fast forward to today, Day 11 and I have a fairly uniform and green lawn. Germination was evident at Day 5 and I continue to water 3x/day.

The lawn was not very level, as it’s on a slope and has some bumps and low spots but that doesn’t bother me. This said, some spots were scalped a bit less in the lows and the slit seeder also didn’t penetrate these areas very well, which accounted a couple less green spots.

Here in lies my questions.

As I’m closing out on my window, should I throw more seed on the bare spots or just let things continue as they are and address any bare spots in the spring? I have probably 95% coverage and can still see fresh seedlings germinating so there is more filling in to be expected?

I also need to address pH and nitrogen per my soil test which was posted in the soil management section, albeit from the wrong lab.

What would be better, throw more seed or let my current seed continue to germinate and fill in and then deal with fert and pH at the end of the month?

This is my first real renovation and I’m hoping for a decent lawn next year.




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