I want to defy The Pause.

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I want to defy The Pause.

Post by JHazzardB » November 14th, 2019, 11:39 am

Well, I'm finally getting leaves falling. We got a cold snap into the mid 20's that made a few trees shed. Now I have sunlight finally hitting my shady areas and getting some fill in! Woohoo! Funny how I have to wait for winter to get some areas to grow...

So, I'm one of the weirdo's who doesn't think his yard sleeps more than a month in the winter. I remember a previous post in which I explored the idea of NOT stopping the N applications through winter. Kinda like microdosing with macros through the "cold" times. I know I'll get the cold snap, maybe an inch of snow that'll last a day, and probably an insulating ice storm. I think I recall Andy (hope you see this) saying he didn't have enough data or experience of the warmer climates with cool season turf to recommend fertilizing through winter. Well, here I am!

What would you like to see?
1. Weekly pictures?
2. .25lb/N weekly? biweekly?
3. Temperature tables?
4. Lower cut height?

I'm currently hitting the yard pretty well. It's on a gypsum and SOP schedule while also dropping ~.4lb/N weekly. Color is darker and I'm still getting about .5" of growth a week. I'll be the guinea pig so if you have any variables you want added or observed, let me know!

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Re: I want to defy The Pause.

Post by HoosierLawnGnome » November 15th, 2019, 7:25 am

I say trust your gut and go for it. Youre right theres no real winter for you.

Ebb and flow with the turf. Give it rest when its slowing down. Ground temps have a big effect on what it does.

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