Need rototiller advice

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Need rototiller advice

Post by Tepparcy » February 5th, 2020, 3:25 am

fellow gardening enthusiasts,

this year my wife and I decided to try our hand at having a vegetable garden. we took a chunk of our yard, about 20' x 40' turned into a garden. I rented a rototiller to chop the ground up and also help me mix in a bunch of compost.

while using the rototiller I had two thoughts:

1. this tiller is costing me $40. I'm going to till the yard at least twice a year, once for spring/summer veggies and once for winter/fall veggies. in n years I will have spent 2*40*n dollars renting and could have simply owned one.

2. this tiller seems lousy, I wonder if better models exist.

naturally, I thought of the MOA community and figured there would be at least one rototiller expert around here who could help me understand the pros and cons of various models and give me a recommendation on what model to buy, and that this advice would shrink my research/due diligence on the purchase.

so tell me about your rototiller please! model, cost, how often you use it, how big your garden is, likes, dislikes, and would you buy it again?

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