Clovers and Dandelions Fescue?

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Clovers and Dandelions Fescue?

Post by kevinhart992 » May 19th, 2020, 7:32 pm


I live in the North Georgia mountains on a lake. We just recently moved here and I am trying to get a grip on the lawn. I have fertilized it and we have a lawn irrigation system that pumps from the lake. The yard in general looks good but we do have patches of dandelions and clovers, plus a small amount of crabgrass. My question is if I put down Specticide Weed Killer and it does kill the dandelions and clovers, will it leave patches in my yard? I have attached 2 pictures and obviously the light green is the weeds. I did just recently mow so the yard looks decent and from the lake looks great, but up close it drives me crazy. I just don't want to spray it and leave large patches of brown or even dirt on my lawn. Any advise?




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Re: Clovers and Dandelions Fescue?

Post by TimmyG » May 19th, 2020, 10:01 pm

Specifically which Spectracide product?

It'll easily kill the dandelions, but a 2,4-D multiway herbicide is unlikely to kill the clover. For that you'll need triclopyr.

If the weeds are small, they likely haven't yet overwhelmed and killed the existing adjacent turf plants, so killing the weeds won't leave holes. But if you let the weeds get big, they tend to overwhelm and kill the adjacent turf plants, which is problematic for a clumping grass like tall fescue. So regardless of your situation, keep in the mind that weeds don't get smaller on their own, so get out there and control them. The bigger the weeds, the bigger the holes.

If you're really that worried, get down on your hands and knees and look for how much grass there is among the weeds.

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