Soil conditioner will, over a period of use, loosen soils and increase water and air penetration.  Combined with the Kelp Help plus Humates (and/or organic feeding), the soil organisms further open the soil and help maintain it in its looser, healthier condition.


Soil conditioners work by increasing flocculation (gathering together) of soil particles, increasing the amount of space between soil particles for water and air to penetrate.  The kelp and humic acid work into these new pores with the water and encourage the growth of bacteria and fungi, which further flocculate your soil and help keep it separated.  Combined with organic feedings, the influx of food further increases the bacterial and fungal populations, improving your soil and increasing the health of your lawn and gardens.


We developed these to replace more expensive commercial brands.  To date, reported effectiveness has been excellent, but please make certain to report your results to us in the Forums.




The Formulae:


Bestlawn Kelp Help

4 ounces kelp extract (The Organic Store)

8 ounces humic acid extract (The Organic Store)

2 gallons water (from the tap)

Optional:  A small dash of molasses (unsulphured blackstrap molasses, available at the grocery store)


Bestlawn Soil Conditioner

80 ounces sodium laureth sulfate (eBay; Various Suppliers)

8 ounces yucca extract (T&J Enterprises)

40 ounces water (from the tap)


How to Use:


Mix each in a separate container (you may double or half the recipe if your container is larger or smaller). 


Apply both at 2 ounces each per thousand square feet of lawn or garden area in a backpack, hand-held, or hose-end sprayer.  Any dilution over 2 ounces per gallon is perfect, so you don't need to worry that your hose-end sprayer is watering down the mix too much.


For example, if you apply only the Kelp Help, 2 ounces of the solution you created would be placed in your sprayer and sprayed over 1,000 square feet.  If you apply only the Soil Conditioner, the mix is identical.


If you apply both at once, use 2 ounces of the Kelp Help and 2 ounces of the Soil Conditioner in your sprayer and spray over 1,000 square feet.


For very poor soils, applying every 2 weeks will work the fastest.  Once the soil begins to improve, once a month or once every three months is fine.


Once the soil is where you want it, application once or twice a season will help maintain the soil in its current condition.