Elite KBG renovations tend to be fraught with frustration due to the slow speed of sprouting and growth.


In this article, I'm presenting my lawn renovation in progressive photos to show what you can reasonably expect and how fast.


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 Renovation for me was a little early as I expected my schedule to be busier than normal during August.  Consequently, growth and development may be a bit faster on your lawn as temperatures were very high during the first part of germination and sprouting. 


You can click on any image to make it larger.


First things first.  This is the old lawn on July 13, 2007:

Lawn and Gardens 07 13 2006


On July 18, 2007, this is the dead old lawn:

Lawn Kill Day 5 (3)


I seeded on July 24, 2007.  In retrospect, I didn't trim the old grass low enough:

Lawn Seeding 07 24 2007


August 1, 2007, about a week.  Nothing is visible yet from any distance, but spotty sprouts show if you looked very closely:

Lawn Seeding 08 01 2007 (5)


August 12, 2007, two weeks in.  Temperatures were still holding in the nineties:

Lawn Reseeding 08 12 2006 (2)


August 19, a bit over 3 weeks.  There's still very little there:

Lawn Reseeding 08 19 2007


August 26, one month (four weeks)!  Still not much:

Lawn Reseeding 08 26 2007


September 2, five weeks in.  I realized that peat moss was a really good idea on the areas that weren't sprouting as the weather was still brutally hot.  I didn't reseed as what was there simply hadn't sprouted at all yet:

Lawn Reseeding 09 02 2007 (2)


September 9, six weeks in.  The peat moss did visibly help, but the weather was still unusually hot for September:

Lawn Reseeding 09 09 2007 (4)


September 16, seven weeks:

Grass and Gardens 09 16 2007 (2)


September 23, eight weeks.  It's finally starting to resemble a lawn:

Lawn and Garden 09 23 2007 (15)


September 30, nine weeks:

Lawn and Gardens 09 30 2007 (5)


October 21, twelve weeks.  Development is still slow:

Lawn and Gardens 10 21 2007 (4)


Not every area did that well.  In the western rear face, the water supply was a bit sketchy and the sun very strong.  As of October 21, it looked like this.  I ended up dormant seeding in December because of the poor sprout here, and it came in fine next spring:

Lawn and Gardens 10 21 2007 (19)