There are no fescue or ryegrass on this list. However, all of the retailers listed here do sell fine fescue, tall fescue, and ryegrass. You can call for availability of those turfgrass species.

When ordering grass seeds, be sure to always ask for sod quality seeds.



All Pro Horticulture 516-777-8668

Avalanche, Award, Champagne, Diva, Guiness, Kenblue, Midnight, Midnight II, Midnight Star, Nu Destiny, Prosperity, Rambo

Biotown Seeds 219-984-6038

Impact, Baron, Jewel, 98/85


Bishop Seeds 519-338-3840 (Canadian supplier)

Amazon, Award, Blue Moon, Boutique, Canada Bluegrass, Liberator, NuGlade, Odyssey, Rambo, Rugby II, Shamrock, Total Eclipse, Tsunami


Burtch Seed – Landmark/Scott Seed – Celina, OH 800-622-8262 419-363-3713

Abbey, Avalance, Courtyard, Coventry, Envicta, Goldrush, Midnight Star, Serene, Washington

Hybrids - Thermal Blue, Thermal Blue Blaze, DuraBlue, Solar Green


Charles C. Hart Seed Company 860-529-2537 ask for Jim

Alpine, America, Baron, Blue Velvet, Crest, Explorer, Langara, Mercury, Moon Shadow, Newport, Quantum Leap, Touchdown


The Hogan Company  888-224-6426 

Alexa, Award, Diva, Everest, Everglade, Ginney, Liberator, Merit, Midnight II, NuBlue, NuChicago, NuDestiny, NuGlade, Preakness, Solar Eclipse, Total Eclipse



LD Oliver 802-893-1241

America, Bedazzled, Bluestone, Blue Velvet, Brilliant, Cabernet, Champagne, Chicago II, Excursion, Granite, Langara, Midnight, Miracle, Moonlight, Moon Shadow, NuDestiny, Prosperity, Rubgy II, Showcase, Touchdown


Michigan State Seeds, 517-627-2164

America, Arcadia, Award, Banff, Cannon, Cynthia, Explorer, Jeronimo, Goldrush, Kingfisher, Langara, Odyssey, Orfeo, Park, Quantum Leap, Ronde, Rugby, Rugby II, Showcase, SR2100, SR2284, 98/85, Serene, Touchdown, Ulysses, Wild Horse.


Pawnee Buttes Seed 800-782-5947 ask for Glenn

Alpine, Award, Awesome, Bedazzled, Bewitched, Blue Velvet, Boutique, Brooklawn, Canon, Full Moon, Julius, Langara, Midnight, Moonbeam, Moon Shadow, Moonlight SLT, North Star, Orfeo, Prosperity, Quantum Leap, Rampart, Rugby II, Ulysses 


Preferred Seed Buffalo, New York 716-895-7333 Ed Russell

A-34 Bensun, Arrowhead, Award, Baron, Bedazzled, Bewitched, Bonaire, Brooklawn, Midnight, NuDestiny, Rugby II, Washington


Rose Agriseed 503-651-2130

Blacksburg, Blacksburg II, Blackstone, Blue Star, Brilliant, Challenger, Denim, Full Moon, Galaxy Blend, High Noon, Livingston, Longhorn TM, Midnight, Midnight II, Midnight Star, Moonbeam, Moonlight, Moonlight SLT, North Star, Prosperity, Serene, Unique


Sharp Brothers Seed 970-356-4710

Award, Awesome, Blue Sapphire, Bordeaux, Broadway, Brooklawn, Cabernet, Chicago II, Corsair, Everest, Liberator, Midnight, Moonstruck, Perfection, Rugby II, NuDestiny, NuGlade, Sonoma, Wild Horse


Steyer Farms, Ron Jacob 517-486-3520

America, Armadillo, Arrow, Baron, Bedazzled, Beyond, Blue Chip, Cache, Blue Sapphire, Blue Velvet, Boutique, Brooklawn, Diva, Impact, Freedom III, Impact, Jewel, Midnight, Midnight II, Moonlight, Moonshadow, NuBlue, NuDestiny, Park, Perfection, Total Eclipse


Sysco in Indianapolis 800-888-2986

America, Armadillo, Arrow, Baron, Beyond, Blue Sapphire, Brooklawn, Cache, Impact, Jewel, Midnight, Mongoose, Moon Shadow, Nublue, New Destiny, Park, Perfection, Total Eclipse, Touchdown, 98/85 Common, 85/80 Common


The Seed Center, Michigan 800-660-8789

Liberator, NuGlade, Jacklin products but not Freedom III or Chicago II


Tri-Turf 800-636-7039 3751 Blair Townhall Rd. Traverse City, MI

Absolute, Alene, Award, Blacksburg, Blue Chip, Blue Moon, Brilliant, Everest, Liberator, Midnight, Midnight II, Nassau, NuBlue, NuDestiny, NuGlade, North Star, Rugby II, Serene, Total Eclipse


Valley Green Holyoke, MA 413-533-0726

98/85, Alene, Amazon, Award, Bariris, Barrister, Blueberry, Blue Chip, Bonaire, Brooklawn, Courtyard, Everest, Goldrush, Jewel, Limousine, Mallard, Midnight, Midnight II, NuBlue, NuDestiny, NuGlade, Odyssey, P-105, Raven, Rugby II, Shamrock, Troy, Unique, Washington, Thermal Blue Hybrid


Williams Lawn Seed 800-457-9571 ask for Dennis

America, Bedazzled, Bewitched, Blackberry, Blueberry, Blue Velvet, Boutique, Brooklawn, Emblem, Full Moon, Julius, Kingfisher, Langara, Midnight, Midnight II, Midnight Star, Moon Beam, Moonlight SLT, Moon Shadow, Moonshine, North Star, Prosperity, Quantum Leap, Rugby, Rugby II, Unique



If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to post them on the forum.